on airplanes and authority

“You were running well. Who hindered you from obeying the truth?” (Gal 5:7)

Good question, Bible. (talking to the Bible doesn’t make me crazy, right?) Who hindered me from running the race right?

The easy answer: the devil.
But the real answer: my own flesh. 
The hardest things I have to fight don’t come from other people or other situations or outside temptations. They are the nature and tendencies I was born with; they are the flesh that is warring with the Spirit of God living within me.
That Spirit is how I run and don’t grow weary, how I soar on those eagles’ wings. But that Spirit can’t keep me sustained if my nature is allowed to fight against it freely.
You ever see those “God is my Co-Pilot” bumper stickers? (They all have a dumb font and weird graphics.)
Those are super dumb. When God’s my co-pilot, I nearly crash EVERY. TIME. I suck at flying this thing myself. I may be able to keep it in the air but I’m bumping into things and I am always low on fuel and don’t know how to avoid turbulence at all. 
God is not my co-pilot. At least, I shouldn’t try to confine Him to that role. He should be my rock and my bread and my water and my King. He should be my peace and my comfort and my strength and my fortress. He is holy and worthy and jealous and deserves to be so much more than a co-pilot that I take occasional suggestions from. Christ is my bridegroom, who loves me sacrificially and totally and cleansingly and in whom I can confidently submit. 
There’s no way I can run that race even to completion, much less well enough to deserve a “well done” if I’m trying to run of my own strength and on my own. I can’t shove God into the co-pilot seat. 
Who hindered you?” Me, Bible. I tripped myself up and got caught up in my own pride and ambitions and desires. Time to tie those shoelaces and get out of the pilot’s chair again. 

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