when still isn’t still

It’s 14 days before my last final of this semester, and that means that my world is exploding and being crazy. I pulled one all-nighter already this week and haven’t made it to bed before 1am the rest of the nights so far. (I am accepting donations of coffee and white monsters and 5 hour energy shots, if you’re feeling generous.)

I had to find time to just chill out or I’d go insane. We’re told to, Be still, and know that [He is] God.” But life is crazy, and that’s really hard to do sometimes. 

Thankfully, being spiritually still doesn’t always mean being physically still. That would be lovely, but that’s a luxury I don’t have today.

Today is my “rest” day this week, so no cardio. Just a resistance band arm workout on the floor of my dorm room. I had worship music pumping into my ears and surrounding me with peace.

That was my little bubble of calm in the middle of this storm. A simple arm workout. 1 minute before I started I was emailing my roommate old papers to use for reference and listening to her essay and reassuring her that no, it doesn’t sound stupid, and yes, I think she’s going to pass it. And not even 30 seconds after I finished my reps, I was in a flurry of texts with my media group about a project and trying to re-film some scenes in time to not fail a project and in turn probably the class. And as can be expected with text messages, there was some confusion that just added to the frazzled feeling of the conversation.

But I have that bubble to draw from. It wasn’t even that much time, but I was “still” with God and my arms are tired in that happy way and my heart is full of Him and the quiet determination that comes from being filled with His strength, and knowing that I’ll get through these two weeks fine, albeit somewhat lacking in sleep.

So whether you’re a mom or a college kid or a teacher or anything that’s making you run around like a chicken with your head cut off like I am, remember to be still with God, whether you’re actually still or not. Blast some Hillsong while you chop veggies. Dance to Planetshakers while you vacuum your living room. Sing along with Ascend the Hill or All Sons and Daughters while you take a shower. But be still in your heart and let God’s presence wash over you and soak into you. That’s all that matters.

Be still, and stay sane.