little reminders

Sorry I’ve been a little MIA in the blog game lately. I was kind of letting my life spiral a little but I’ve grabbed the reigns again (well…more accurately I’m working on releasing control of the reigns back to God).

When I was a senior in high school I participated in Fine Arts for my church. One of the things I did was a spoken word poem-thingy, and I wound up in the top three for our district and took it to nationals.

Lately, I keep asking  “God, what the heck am I even doing?” like all the time. I keep wondering where my fire and my hunger went (as if it’s some puppy that would scamper off, and not something that I need to maintain). So I would repeat little parts of the poem to myself as a reminder of what I had and what I’ve come from and where I should be – where that past 2013 me wanted this current 2015 me to be at spiritually.

👉 So here’s the video. 👈 Because hopefully it will encourage you as much as it does me and as much as it did for those people in that gym.

My God breathed the stars and called them by name/
That same breath is in me and I am not called to be tame/
That great commission was not written to sit on a page/
It was meant to be lived by me no matter my age.